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S84/98 Saw Back
Attic find S84/98 saw back, rare combat pioneers bayonet WW1
In great sound condition

Code: 50399Price: 350.00 GBP

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Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife,Blade marked with maker. The M6 sheath is a Milsco, both in excellent condition. These early 1943 combinations are getting hard to find now.

Code: 50398Price: 650.00 GBP

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GQ(Irvin) RAF Survival Knife
Made by Victorinox and supplied by GQ, a parachute manufacturer and supplier to the M.O.D. these knives were part of GQ’s contractual agreement with the M.O.D.
The model is the Victorinox “Hunter” and is a survival type knife, equipped with a gutting blade (and corkscrew for the champers if downed!) it has a locking blade operated by the grey plastic lock on the reverse of the logo side. Bottle opener, saw, screwdriver and reamer punch and seeing awl, tweezers and tooth pick!
A rare knife that dates from 1995.
There is a train of thought that they were an integral part of an ejector seat, so if anyone has information on that please let me know.
Thank you to Ron Flook for the photo etc in his superb must have book British and Commonwealth Military Knives.

Code: 50397Price: 160.00 GBP

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Finnish Valmet Bayonet
An excellent example of the scarce Finnish Valmet Bayonet. Reminiscent of the iconic Puukko Knife, these bayonets are factory sharpened and remain extremely sharp.

Code: 50396Price: 185.00 GBP

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K98 Josh Corts Matching Numbers
K98 Josh Corts (ddl) Matching Numbers dated 1941, both bayonet and scabbard perfectly matched.

Code: 50395Price: 150.00 GBP

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Portuguese AR-10 Bayonet
Knife bayonet for use on the 7.62 mm. NATO caliber Armalite AR-10 assault rifle, produced for Portugal by Artillerie Inrichtingen in the Netherlands. Only 1,556 AR-10 rifles were delivered to Portugal, all in 1960. A few additional Portuguese AR-10 bayonets were produced for use in Dutch Army weapons trials. According to the Dutch Army Museum, total production of this bayonet was roughly 1,600 pieces. The AR-10 saw nearly two decades of combat service with Portuguese special forces fighting insurgents in Angola and Mozambique. Low production numbers and combat service have made surviving specimens of this bayonet scarce. This example from has obviously seen considerable service but remains I great condition compared to ones I have seen in the past.

Unlike most modern bayonets, which mount below the rifle’s barrel, this bayonet mounts inverted above the barrel. The one-piece wooden grip is unique and wraps almost completely around the hilt. The only marking is the triangular Artillerie Inrichtingen trademark. The scabbard is closely patterned after the familiar U.S. M8A1 scabbard.

Code: 50394Price: 260.00 GBP

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92nd (Gordon’s) Pipe Majors Cross Belt Badge
An excellent and rare example of a 92nd (Gordon’s) Pipe Majors Cross Belt Badge. Victorian Badge in excellent condition

Code: 50393Price: 250.00 GBP

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P1907 By Enfield
P1907 made by Enfield. Multiple inspectors stamps and reissue dates. Excellent condition

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WW2 Combat Used Belt
Ernst Schneider, Ludenscheid. 1940. German buckle and belt. There are remains of the original paint to the buckle. The Bucckle has a nice pig skin tab attached. All in very nice supple condition

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8th Scottish Volunteer Battalion Liverpool Regt.
8th Scottish Volunteer Battalion Liverpool Regt. Helmet badge

Code: 50390Price: 45.00 GBP

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